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2002 pdf Files


The following pdf files for this course are available. More will be added in due course. The ones currently available in at least some form are coloured. Those that aren't coloured are not yet available. The files above the line relate directly to the course. Those below the line are possibly useful reference material of one kind or another that I have written at various times for other purposes. To view the file within your browser just click on the link (i.e., the coloured text). To save the file to a disk right click on the link and choose "Save File As ..."

New material for this year is given first. Then material that was available in previous years. Gradually the first section will become larger, and material that is duplicated in what is being made available for this semester may be removed from last year's section.


The teaching staff is not quite the same as in the four previous years.(Sadly Dr. Matthew Ryan, who taught this course with John Hillas in the past, left us for ANU a bit over a year ago.  Happily, since I first wrote that statement about a year ago, Matthew has accepted an offer to return to Auckland and will be back here next year.)  This year Aaron Schiff, who has been an excellent tutor in the course for the last few years is teaching some of the course. All this means that some of the material below is not directly relevant to this year's course.  If there is some material or questions below that do not appear to have been covered in this year's course, that's probably because they haven't been covered.


Last updated: 14 June 2002